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Business Clients

Privately held and family run businesses in a range of industries will be well served by the professionals at Dawn M. Kay, CPA, P.C. It’s important to us to know our clients. You’ll feel comfortable when you visit our office and confident that we’ll know your name, your business successes and challenges, and that we can help you move toward your goals.

Since we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, whatever you’re going through, we’ve seen before.  We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial and business goals with our tax-cutting and profit-making strategies.  You’ll receive pragmatic advice that you can implement right away and over time.  The pace of change has accelerated and businesses that can’t adapt will struggle over time.

Call us when you need tax planning and compliance, strategic planning to meet your growth or financial goals, support to prepare for or during mergers and acquisitions, best practices in cash management and budgets, guidance on executive or employee incentive compensation plans, forecasts and projections.  We believe in long-term client relationships and maintain a network of professional referrals to augment our practical and strategic expertise.

To learn more about how we can serve you, please see the Our Services section.

Individuals and Families

April 15th is a deadline we all know well. But how much you pay in taxes is determined months before. We take a holistic view of individual and family tax planning. Together we’ll discuss your personal situation to find and apply the tax strategies that can enable you to achieve your financial goals.

We work with individuals and families to minimize tax payments through careful tax planning, education planning, retirement planning, estate and trust planning, and by working with your investment advisor so that there are no surprises.

Think of us as you make decisions about purchasing or renting property, charitable giving, generational gifting, retirement, selling stocks, selling your business, your estate plan, divorce, life insurance income planning, or growing your family. Conversations with our tax advisors throughout the year can help to achieve optimal tax outcomes.


Nonprofits strive daily to help others.  Let us lend a hand toward your efforts.  By working with a team of professionals who understand the unique landscape of nonprofit accounting and tax, we can guide you toward making the best decisions for your organization, those you help, and your donors.

We can help you with set-up and status applications, financial statements, 990 and PC tax filings and compliance, bookkeeping and reporting, cashflow management, collecting information for grant requests, special projects, and more to help you reach your organization’s mission. 

We have experience with a variety of organizations, particularly with Elks Lodges, Sportsmen’s Clubs, parent associations and childcare centers.